All our tracks can be used on any social media/YouTube in videos under the circumstance that we get credited on our terms. Using our music without crediting us is not tolerated and will, unless the matter has been discussed and approved by us, result in said video being reported for copyright infringement.

If you wish to use our music without crediting us, for commercial releases or as a friendly gesture, you can do so by purchasing a license below. It’s very simple!


Here follows a few examples of how we want to be credited on different social media. Keep in mind however that as long as you include the correct link/tag you are free to write whatever you want around that in regards to your video. Sometimes music from multiple artists is used throughout a video/vlog and in those situations it’s neither our will or wish to get credit for their work.

Example of correct credit for Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Vimeo:

Music by Le Gang

Music: “Title here” by Le Gang

Example of correct credit for Instagram:

Music by @thisislegang


There are two scenarios when our music is not free to use:

  1. If you want to use our music on YouTube/social media without crediting us.
  2. If you wish to use our music in films, games or advertising on TV or outside of social media/youtube.


Type in your name or company, and the title of the song you want to license. License fee is only $59 and you have the license for 3 years for any media worldwide.

Your name/company:
Name of song:

If either one of those is not your scenario, please fill out the contact form below and describe your project as descriptive as you can and we’ll get back to you with information.